Honeywell - Safety Immersive Competency

On this project I was Art Lead and became the subject matter expert on the customers product and how it functioned. The customers project was a representation of what is called a "Digital Twin". We created a fully functional holographic version of the actual machine Honeywell uses to train employees. 

Extensible Mixed Reality training platform that is data driven, simulated, virtual 3D hardware and scenes. In a anywhere/anytime virtual classroom, with an extensible, platform-agnostic infrastructure. The use of machine simulation data to drive the virtual machine makes simulation as real as possible for a training scenario.  The link below is a video showing it being demonstrated at a convention. The demo also shows off the "Shared Experience" functionality for classroom settings. 

Link to Customer Video: Honeywell Skills & Safety

We needed to simulate a spectator view point for a keynote speaker on stage at a convention. We used a Go-Pro camera and a HoloLens mounted to a tri-pod. Below is the device I was asked to model and 3D print for the customer.  This allowed the audience to both see the Holograms and the speaker at the same time.