Below are some examples of my work and most are textured with PBR shaders.  Texturing was completed using Substance Painter.

Mars Rover - Mars Project:   

This is from a Mars Project I am working to show a complete environment that will simulate a Mars base with structures, rover and landing craft. 

Ancilla - Halo 

Based off of the game Halo, this was a commission piece that later will be 3D printed as well with lights installed on a stand.

Spider Tank 

Modeled in MAX and fully textured in Substance Painter. Original concept by Fausto De Martini.

Fallout T60 Helmet

I  am a fan of the game so I modeled this with the intent of 3D printing it and painting it. Modeled in MAX and fully textured in Substance Painter. Also this is a ready to 3D print file.

Hand Bag PBR
I was asked to recreate a duplicate of a Louis Vuitton hand bag that is very expensive. It had to be as accurate as possible to the original and look almost real on the HoloLens as well. I took many photos and measurements down to .5 mm. The images below are renders from Substance Painter, the final was on a HoloLens V1. Using a custom in-house Shader I was able to captured every detail equal to what you see in these images, including the reflection map in the brass fittings.  The interior is also just as detailed as that was request from the customer.  The exterior surface texture was created painting a height map that was tillable then used in Substance Painter as an applied height map within a Smart-map. 

Halo Rail Gun

Modeled in MAX and fully textured in Substance Painter

Destiny Hand Cannon

Rotoprone Medical Bed
Hard surface complex model, basic textures but this model was animated to demonstrate a real medical bed called the Rotoprone. Its used to at hospitals for patients with respiratory issues.

Halo Scene
Recreation of scene from the Halo Universe, 3D MAX, Photoshop