Lord of the Rings - War in the North

I started out as a World Artist but eventually transitioned to making cinematic animations for destruction of both the environments and armor. I also was responsible for implementing new tech into the engine and working with almost every department when it came to FX, Animations and destruction. The bridge seen in the image above 
I modeled and destroyed for the boss fight at the end of the game. I used baked animated physics and worked with the FX team to get it done. 

Link to Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCQ_yFKD0Vg

I worked on this environment, which included setting up
special collision for players to kick up snow as they walked or ran.

This bridge was used in the final boss battle. I created the breakable 
version of the bridge and assisted in making the VFX used in its destruction.

Cave entrance and bridge. Both use tiled textures and vertex painting for blends with custom shaders.

A destructible wall that was highlighted by a special shader only dwarven players could see. I created the shader and the baked physics animation for the wall geometry. I was also responsible for putting it all together and testing it in game.