Art Blog

Experimenting with PBR, Light probes and Reflection probes in Unity 5 game engine. I created this iconic Halo scene to test and explore Unity 5's lighting and camera setting with the new PBR technology they recently added. Lighting is not one of my strengths but its a learning process and I am always open to learning new things.

Destiny Hand Cannon:
I recently purchased a 3D printer and decided to recreate a gun from the game Destiny. Its the "Hand Cannon" I textured this to test out a paint scheme and rendered it in Marmoset.

Fallout 4 Helmet: 
Modeled this for a client that has since 3D printed it. All done from scratch with reference art only. Modeled and export in 3DS MAX. 

As a hobby I make costumes and props from my favorite video games. The image below shows two full suits Halo armor I created. Both the armor and the helmets I modeled in 3D before fabricating them. The person holding the gun is Issac Hannaford who worked on Halo Reach, he really like my work and wanted a picture with us.