Cosplay and Props

Halo Recon Armor - I 3D modeled everything I am wearing in this image. Most is made of EVA foam and hard plastic. The weapon was 3D printed, I painted everything myself.
The under suit is a wet dive suit with Silicon body armor I created. 

Fallout 4 Helmet: 
Modeled this for a client that has since 3D printed it. All done from scratch with reference art only. Modeled and export in 3DS MAX. 
As a hobby I make costumes and props from my favorite video games. The image below shows two full suits Halo armor I created. Both the armor and the helmets I modeled in 3D before fabricating them. The person holding the gun is Issac Hannaford who worked on Halo Reach, he really like my work and wanted a picture with us.

Overwatch Costume
Modeled, 3D printed and fully finished a complete Mercy from Overwatch cosplay.